6 Things Men Want From Women in a Relationship


    Men Often get confused about what they want from a woman.which comes as a surprise to many women, but the facts remains that if you
    Ask a man what he wants from life and he will let you in on his life goals for the next few years but ask him what he wants from a relationship and he will hardly ever speak openly about it. Yet there are always a few things that a man wants from you in a relationship which apparently will make things easier for him. Here they are:

    1) Self-dependent.

    Your man wants you to be self-dependent. He loves it when you come to him and ask him for something, but he wants you to be able to rely on yourself. He wants you to learn how to clean up your mess. He doesn’t want you to be stuck in your problems while he is away. He loves being there for you but he wants you prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

    2) Openness

    Your man wants you to beI’m honest and open. You want something from him, or you want to ask something from him, say it out loud. Don’t play games and don’t start long unwanted conversations. Men don’t like it when women beat about the bush. They want them to tell them in a straight-forward way. This will make them appreciate you more. Besides, if he’s your guy, why do you have to drag things before talking to him? Just let him know openly.

    3) No emotional blackmailing.

    Your man wants you to be true to your emotions. Women are great with emotions. They can cry and laugh within seconds, and men know it. However, when they start using their emotions as a weapon, it begins to bother men a lot. Don’t think that he doesn’t know that you’re not being honest with your emotions. He does know it and it annoys him because he feels bad that you cannot be honest with your feelings with him. Do you want something so bad that you fake cry in-front of your guy?!

    4) Less materialistic discussions.

    Your man wants you to stop discussing materialistic things all the time. Men know that women like things like clothes, makeup and shopping but don’t portray yourself as a very materialistic person to him. Remember that there is more to you than money matters so make sure that he sees the other side of you. If you’re going to bore him with these things all the time, he will grow sick of you.

    5) Space.

    Your man wants you to stop suffocating him. Men have passions like sports, gaming and gym. These things are very important to them so they want to dedicate a good portion of their time to these activities. Don’t force them to let go of these activities and be with you all the time. A man always needs time with himself to play games or to meet his friends. Let him have it. If you will take away his space, you will end up suffocating him.

    6) Less excessive thinking.

    Your man wants you to stop over thinking. Women tend to over think a lot and they analyse situations and derive crazy conclusions. Then they waste their energy getting sad over those conclusions which is stupid. Don’t re-run a situation in your head a million times. Just let it go once it is over.

    The only arguments have with my guy are because of my over-thinking. When he gets really mad, he clearly tells me that my excessive analysis make him so angry that he hates my head and the thoughts.

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