Samsung Galaxy S6 : Ten New Features.

After all the rumors online and potentially leaked pictures Samsung have announced in Barcelona last week that they will be rolling out the Samsung galaxy S6 and S6 edge by the mid of march 2015. In this article i will point out the new features to expect from the new flagship device.

1) Quality and Design.

Instead of going with the boring evolutionary design update like in the years past, Samsung decided to start from ground Zero and build something completely new. dishing the cheaper feeling plastic material that we have come to associate with Samsung phones. in favor of a much more premium feeling glass and metal. with jowl tone colors including white pearl, gold platinum,and black safari  and the non-removable back of the S6 is covered with gorilla glass 4. there is a metal band that raps all the way along the side,with machine drilled holes in the bottom resulting in a phone that feels very high-end and sexy.

2) Display.

Samsung broke its habit of making the galaxy screens bigger year after year  with the galaxy  S6 retaining the same 5.1 inch display, we saw in the galaxy S5, because of this Samsung was able to reduce the overall basil of the phone by making it thinner which should translate into an easier one handed use, while the screen size technically remains the same, the display itself is certainly all new, Samsung boosted its display up to (2560*1440) or a quad HD display with a crazy (PPI) of 576, which is 30% higher than in the S5 and 76% higher than in the iPhone 6  on top of that the display is now over 30% brighter  which means you will get a much better crispy visibility.

3) Performance.

Samsung phones with there heavy touch-Wiz have not really been know for there performance, but lately Samsung have been doing a better job at toning down touch-wiz and packing bigger specs on there phones. This trend continues, with the galaxy S6 packing;

* Processor; Samsung Exynos 64-Bit Octa-Core (14 nm process)  2.1Ghz quad +1.5Ghz quad.

* RAM; (3GB of DDR4 RAM)

* Storage; (UFS 2.0)

With this specs, this is a big statement from Samsung this year because the galaxy S6 will be blazing Fast.

4) Fingerprint Scanner.

I understand you might be wondering how this is a new Feature after all it was included in the galaxy S5. Well the S5 scanner was a swipe based scanner where you basically swipe your screen to unlock the phone, to be honest it didn’t work well particularly when you compare it to the one in the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. But on the galaxy S6 Samsung has upgraded to a touch based sensor like the one on the iPhone 5 and 6  which should translate into a more accurate finger print based scanner.

5) Samsung Pay.

The galaxy S6 will support Samsung pay, which will be rolling out later this year, it will work much like the apple pay on the iPhone. with unique transaction coupons  which will help to make a much secured payment, what is actually great about it is that it will support MST (magnetic safe payment). Which means you can make payments to 90% of retailers than just 10% which support NFC this feature is huge and could be the end of physical wallet.

6) Camera.

The primary camera on the S6 is the same 16-mega pixel which we saw on the S5 but don’t let that fool you that the quality of the camera hasn’t changed, the S6 sensor and lens has been sparsely improved having been able to capture more light with an F1.9 aperture. Which means you will be able to capture more light on photos and videos in a low light environment. it also has the Optical image stabilization technology which means you will be able to take less blur images, also has a white balance. with an auto HDR photos.

Also the secondary camera have been upgraded to 5-mega pixel with the same F1.9  aperture which simple translates to Super “Selfie” even in low light conditions.

7) Charging.

The galaxy S6 supports super charging, which means you will be able to charge your phone 1.5 times faster than in the S5. And you will get up to 4 hours battery life for a 10 minutes charge according to Samsung, the device also supports wireless charging without the use of any support system, because the technology is already built into the device.

8) Speaker.

To compliment the quad HD in the display, Samsung has made the single speaker in the S6 50% louder than the speaker in the galaxy S5. and they also moved the speaker from behind to under just beside the charging port. to avoid the speaker from been blocked. just like Sony did with the Xperia series.

9) Storage. 

The galaxy S6 new design is definitely an A+, but that means that there will be no SD slots. but no problem it comes with a 32GB model, and Samsung has said that there will be 64 and 128 GB models which is already the highest you can find on a stable memory card, actually that’s a significant upgrade unlike in the galaxy S5 that was only  16 GB.

10) Software.

Samsung have been doing a lot lately to improve the touch-wiz by optimizing and removing unnecessary features, and adding features that actually enhances user experience.

Example; before when you hold the home button it launches the S-voice, which was useless considering that we now have Google Now. but in the S6 when you now hold the Home button it automatically launches the Camera app which is much more useful.

So this are the Top Ten Features to expect from the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. remember to drop your comments. Bye for now.