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Hello , Welcome to Afrojuju – Your home of Unlimited Latest news, Celebrity Gossips, Exclusive Articles on Health tips, Lifestyle, sports, tech and Much more.

Nelson Kenechukwu NwankwoMy Name is Nelson Kenechukwu Nwankwo and I’m a full time Student, an Enthusiastic blogger, sports and tech fanatic. Also am the C.E.O of this great website.

Brief History :

I was born in Onitsha South eastern Nigerian to the Family of “Nwankwo” In Ndiowu Anambra state Nigeria. where i attended my primary school and secondary school at learning field international secondary school Onitsha Anambra Nigeria.Currently a medical student at Shenyang medical collage China.

 History of Afrojuju

back in 2010 i have always loved to own and manage a news website, but i could not own a website because i lacked the basic skills to visit a website late alone owning one. Growing up in south eastern city of Nigeria (Onitsha)where the I.C.T  knowledge is very poor and the promotion of I.C.T is very uncommon. it was an uphill task to learn the very basics of I.C.T.

Moreover, my Secondary school tried as much as they could to train and prepare us for I.C.T back then but we didn’t even have an internet connection in our Computer class rooms and we where only told of the internet on the white board but was not really shown how the internet works.

I was always curious and fascinated on how to establish an online empire in the form of Nelson Kenechukwu Nwankwoowning a website. My first opportunity came in 2011 when i traveled to Rwanda to visit my mom, during my time in Rwanda internet was very cheap so i saw my stay in the country as a platform to master my computer skills and become a blogger.

My first every site i opened was www.rawkcity.webs.com which is currently no longer available, it was a simple drag and drop platform so i didn’t really find it too difficulty to manage. but fortunately after some few months i discovered another platform which at that time, I felt it was better for a Newbie.

That brought me to www.facts4log.blogspot.com by this time i was not just looking for blog but i was looking to open a blog with a unique name. the major problem i had with this platform was that my knowledge of I.C.T was still not enough to manager the platform.Anyway i made some really grate post on the site.

After Blogspot, i kept searching for the easiest platform to open a website. then i discovered the amazing WORDPRESS which is for me the easiest web content management platform on the internet. i didn’t find WordPress too difficulty because i already had knowledge from the previous platforms.

In WordPress i wanted to make it bigger and more professional, so i decided to buy a domain name for the site, instead of sub-domains. it took me 8 days to figure out a domain that will match my concept. then it hit me one morning AFROJUJU.

“Afro” in the form of Africa or People of Black Origin and “JUJU” the famous black magic. when combined, will form an unbreakable relationship. which is the Magic Black people can bring to online publishing.

Then on the 2nd of February 2015 www.Afrojuju.net was born online as it went LIVE via the Ipage.com server.

Afrojuju by the grace of God will continue publishing facts and fictions, Opinions and freedom of speech, bringing the core concept of online publishing to our cherished readers without fear or favor.Afrojuju banner photo


Afrojuju.net keep coming keep discovering.